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You may handle your own payroll, but wouldn’t your time be better spent developing your business with new goods or services?

Payroll Services

On average, small business owners spend eight hours each month on payroll-related duties. Although it may not appear to be much time, it is.

If you operate a small to medium-sized business with more than a few of employees, you are well aware that payroll is hard.

Every year, it appears that new payroll-related federal, state, or municipal law is enacted, with which you must comply.

USA Payroll Services​

Our Payroll Services

Employee or Agency Payroll Monitoring

For each pay period, we keep track of the hours worked, income projections, withholding taxes, and other state and federal tax amounts.

Processing of
W-2, W-3, & 1099

We monitor the Processing of W-2, W-3, and 1099 on a regular basis, so you don’t have to worry about the taxes you owe.

Payroll Tax Reports

We generate payroll tax reports that are simple to comprehend and easy to use, whether weekly, quarterly, or annually, to make your company life easier.

Electronic Fund Transfer and Direct Deposit (EFT)

You may spend less time on administrative responsibilities like payroll management and more time on earning money and developing your business with our Payroll Services.

Printing of Payroll Checks

We create payroll checks for employees who do not have a bank account as well as to save time on bank transactions.

Compliance with Payroll Taxes, E-filing, Tax Payments

There is no risk of missing any important deadlines with our service of Payroll Tax Compliance, E-filing, and Tax Payments.

Outsourcing the Payroll Is More Economical Than You Thought

When you outsource your payroll tasks to us, you get a dedicated payroll specialist that works with you throughout the whole payroll process. It is not necessary to hire an in-house specialist or maintain a payroll system. We have everything you need.


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