International Tax Services

Effective Solutions to Curb Tax Liability for American Multinationals

Whatever services you desire, we will create a customised tax strategy for you and fully explain the contents in a language you can understand.

International Tax Services

Individuals working abroad are welcome to entrust us with all of their tax planning and preparation needs. 

We can help you understand intricate international tax rules and guarantee that you are constantly in compliance with Federal and State tax standards. 

You’ll avoid penalties and practices that might lead to an audit with our help.

Expatriate & Foreign National Taxes

Foreign Tax Credit Planning

Repatriation Planning

Tax Minimization Planning

Tax Compliance For Individuals

International Tax Services for Businesses

Local tax regulations (SALT) are always changing and evolving. Small company owners are finding it increasingly difficult to calculate these taxes appropriately. That’s where Tax and Law Research Inc, a locally owned and controlled firm, comes in. 

We are accounting and tax specialists that can assist your company in minimizing tax liabilities and taking advantage of all available state and local tax breaks.

International Tax Planning

Tax Compliance

Foreign Tax Credit Planning

International Tax Structuring

Export Incentive Planning

International Tax Advisory


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