IRS Tax Resolution & Tax Relief

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Every year, the IRS sends letters or notifications to millions of taxpayers. Most of the time, there isn’t anything to be concerned about, although issues might occur.

Perhaps you owe the IRS overdue taxes.

You declined to submit a tax return because you believed you owed the IRS money that you did not have. Perhaps you were recently divorced and found it tough to straighten out your tax position. Maybe you’ve been too busy to file!

Excuses are not acceptable to the IRS.

If the IRS has caught up to you and is seeking payment, the next step is likely to be wage garnishment, a lien on your house, or a tax on your bank account. The worst thing you can do is continue to ignore the situation: it will not change until you take action.

Tax Relief Services

IRS Tax Resolution &
Tax Relief​

We can assist you in finding a reasonable solution to your tax challenge.

We know how the IRS works and what it takes to effectively arbitrate a solution on your behalf, whether it’s filing a past-due return, reducing tax debt and associated penalties or fines, or making a settlement proposal.

IRS Audit Representation

We deal with the IRS's complexity and paperwork so that you don't have to miss work.

Non-Filed Tax Returns

Why risk losing your rights because your tax returns have not been filed?

Back Taxes Owed

We have numerous options when it comes to resolving outstanding taxes. Please fill out our free consultation form to have a free consultation with our tax expert.

Payroll Tax Problems

The IRS considers failure to pay payroll taxes to be the cardinal sin of tax evasion since your employees’ tax withholdings account for a significant amount of the payroll taxes you pay as an employer.

IRS Liens

Liens filed against you by the IRS frequently appear on your credit record, preventing you from establishing a checking account or borrowing against any property, such as your home.

IRS Levies

We frequently discharge levies and assist you in getting out of a bad position.

IRS Wage Garnishment

Our payment plan with the IRS is always more advantageous than any wage garnishment scheme. You may reclaim your salary without fear of income garnishment.

IRS Seizures

Take IRS seizure seriously. The IRS will eventually seek to take your actual possessions, including your home, vehicles, yachts, jewels, bicycles, insurance policies, and even your pension savings.

IRS Payment Plan

If you do not qualify for the IRS Offer In Compromise program, a Payment Plan may be the solution to your situation.

Offer In Compromise

Did you know that you may settle your IRS debt for pennies on the dollar through their Offer in Compromise program?


By declaring bankruptcy, the past taxes, interest, and penalties will be erased. If you qualify, bankruptcy may be the best method to handle your crushing tax difficulties.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief was created to alleviate unjust circumstances in which a spouse was a victim of deception committed by their spouse or ex-spouse.


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