What Can I Do To Contact Turbo Tax (Solved)

What Can I Do To Contact Turbo Tax? (Solved)

Contact us by leaving an email with the TurboTax as well as QuickBooks support team or via chat to our Mint helpdesk. Additionally to this, our support page offers various links to other resources related to Intuit products. Our support number for customers can be reached at 1-800-4INTUIT (1-800-446-8848).

How Can I Talk To Someone Live At TurboTax?

Contact Information to talk to a Live Representative at TurboTax: Simply dial 1-800-446-8848 (1-800-4-INTUIT)

How Do I Contact Turbo?

TurboTax’s mobile app If you require assistance we can be reached by calling (800) 446-8848.

How Do I Email TurboTax?

Turbo Tax doesn’t provide a customer service email address. Contact them at 1-800-624-9066 for any assistance.

What’s Turbo Tax Customer Service Number?

To reactivate your account or for other assistance, please call Customer Care at 1-800- 944-8596 and say the word “Security” at the prompt, or email us at TTaxInvestigations@intuit.com.

How Do I Ask TurboTax A Question?

Simply click on the aquamarine icon that says, “Ask a Question.” I found it by clicking the TurboTax Support link at the side of TurboTax.com after which I clicked on the Forum Featured Taxes, and then selecting the appropriate category for my question (Get Your Taxes Taken Care of). Of course, you can select any category you’d like.

Does TurboTax Offer Live Support?

Start by registering using TurboTax Live and connect with tax experts at-hand for assistance and guidance. You can at any time can turn over your tax returns to a tax professional who will complete, sign and file your tax return at an additional cost.

How Can I Speak To Someone Live With IRS? IRS?

How do you talk directly to an IRS agent

Contact for the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 during support hours.

Choose your preferred language, then press one for English and 2 to select Spanish.

Press 2 for any questions regarding your personal income tax.

Press 1 for any questions regarding the form you have already filed or a transaction.

Press 3 for any other questions.

How Can I Reach IRS Support?

Call an IRS customer service representative to rectify any mistakes made by the IRS through 800-829-1040. Service representatives can be reached from Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. until seven p.m. the local time, except when noted otherwise (see phone assistance for more details).

How Can I Get In Touch With The IRS To Inquire About The Refund I Received?

Contact our number at 1-800-829-1954 (toll-free) and you can either make use of the automated system or speak to an agent.

Do You Have The Option Of Emailing The Tax Returns You Have Filed?

Yes, you are able to complete your initial Form 10-40 tax returns electronically, using the filing option of your choice. Making your tax return electronically is more efficient, secure and more precise than mailing your tax return since it’s electronically sent to IRS computers.

Does TurboTax Send You An Electronic Copy Of Your Tax Return?

TurboTax is unable to send your tax return. You can download the PDF of your tax return yourself and print the tax return locally.

What Is The Reason TurboTax Asking Me To Pay My Taxes?

This is the charge for service from the processor that gets the tax refund for federal taxpayers from IRS and deducts the TurboTax tax account fees as well as their service fee. Then they deposit the remainder of the refund into the account requested by the taxpayer.

How Can I Get My Tax Stimulus From TurboTax?

Its TurboTax Stimulus Registration product was designed to aid millions to prepare a minimum tax return to the IRS that has the data needed to determine their eligibility for stimulus. The users simply have to respond to a few questions, and can then select to receive their tax refund through direct deposit or a checks.

Can TurboTax Answer Tax Questions?

TurboTax will take care of you and can answer simple questions and provide you with the tax credits and deductions that you are eligible for according to your tax returns. If you’re still unsure and need help, you can connect live through a one-way video connection to an TurboTax Live tax specialist with an average of 12 years of experience. You can get answers to your tax-related questions.

What Is The Time That TurboTax Opens?

TurboTax support hours are 5am until 9pm Pacific time (8am until midnight Eastern time) all week during tax time. To reach TurboTax support or customer service, visit their website for contact during office hours.